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In the first part I told him how it all began, the second of October sixth post forward. Lisa, who said ' no' to swing, had an affair. I started taking photos and with the threat to kill are in the network to return mine. On Friday, after Ron Simon and came away with Lisa, we received an invitation to do so at a masked ball for the following Friday. forhertube Lisa asked who else would it be before you go. I told him, indirectly, would be that none of his ' playmates ' for being there. We look at us, what to wear. I have little things original vampire, Lisa went to 'Amazon Princess', a sort of Xena. an old sundress was brown, sew a leather skirt in a thrift shop in, and a leather jacket from the same source, with some cutting and stitching color adds an effect of armor. an age cut bra wire, tape off and added to dishes, throughout the interior and there was a sexy little number, a lot of cleavage and legs, though not entirely convincing. A pair of fashion boots covered with the remains of the sleeve of the jacket has at his feet. ordinary things, Lisa loves to export lager, dance and some a bit of it forhertube letching by males in the neighborhood goes, good party. Phil and Richard were at the party, do not know, John and Cheryl, the hosts. Ron and Simon were there keepnig from us, when they arrived two hours after we did, and of course, their faces hidden. Ron wore a skeleton mask, Simon, 'Scream ' mask. Ron tells me that Lisa called in a shady corner of the garden. Now it was well after 11 clock were the only position lights and lamps, candles and batteries. Lisa promised when Ron said hello. He said he still had the image, and they must meet. There was some discussion that ended with an agreement that this will be the last time, and Lisa work together to simpler things. Ten minutes later, and Ron and Simon approved the midplane on the forhertube toilet and bathroom, and plenty of room in the back. There is a large roombut isolated. Lisa came a minute later. Ron told him to undress, how difficult it was in his suit, and held off the light. forhertube While poppped of her breasts and began baby Simon, slid her panties and knelt down to start licking them. Lisa soon moaning with pleasure and Simon decided he wanted to be first this time. Ron told the earth to not confuse the use of bed and walked toward the door. Lisa was on the floor and lick the work of Simon, and filling her tit as hard as he could. After a while he sat on his knees and Lisa behind him. Both said they liked it and Lisa was just a little tipsey. Simon approached and pulled her to take over. Said Ron, Lisa, to mount, which had for some time, said Cumming accepted twice and Ron Simon. Ron Ron to suck when he rose again, his Simon said he was going to piss and opened the door to change. Simon returned just before Ron said the semen into Lisa sayarrived at the same time. As before, it was over. Simon did not close out the door, so that another man, he and Ron had been ordered in the room and take over. He was dressed as a soldier, as he forhertube slid by Lisa came in and said, ' Mrs. K was always to be had now Coz its ' Lisa swore, but Ron told him to shut up or someone who listens, and she was not in the conditions to discuss. His position was, in fact, on the floor with her ​​tits swinging, filled her skirt around her waist and not a guy I knew, that fills a nonsense. Ron kept swearing loudly whisper, says Lisa a while forhertube before running again. As the ' Soldier ' pumps forhertube more spells her, Ron let the next guy. I have this guy, Martin forhertube met, is about fifty years, bad teeth, tummy and rude. Lisa enraged when he was working on the neighbor's yard. There was a whistle and said he could only hear something forhertube like : 'Very nice, I hope you do well, what you look like you. ' Every time when you run SAw I remembered what she likes. Now dressed as a priest, who slammed his cock in and out of it soon and put the burden of the night, his fourth. Good job that comes only to the area from time to time. He groaned as Martin finished he said, Lisa. 'You very well knew that it looked like a nice little bitch,' Ron said Lisa did not say a word with him, but returned during your trip. There was not one. Ron was in Geoff, I do not know, but it says it is appropriate and not ugly. Geoff also dressed as a soldier, but he took off his pants and told Lisa was in the back. He licked his time as the son of a bitch out when Ron cursed him and threatend to his wife when he approached her again. Ron said this was the last. Lisa Geoff foot putt forhertube on his shoulders and gave him a good shot. Ron left them to him for doeas not know how it was. Lisa walked into the kitchen where I was always mine, grabbed a beer and said we were going home afterhe had been drinking. We called a taxi and took him out. Lisa said little on the way home. Once we were told, in sha, we must speak. She admitted to seeing all the work of nearly three months, ' for the thrill of it. ' I made ​​some comments about her not want to try something if I asked and she said she forhertube remembered, and talked about things for a while. Lise told me asked if I had a sort of right to get my own forhertube back and thought, he said, but as it is to please not leave. He got mad when I told him about the installation. When he finally stopped breathing, his eyes looked at me and said, 'Tell me not enjoy it, and never returned ' is 10 minutes or so, but turned around when I did I had reported what he said confirmed the enjoyment . ' What now ?' Said Shah. Simple. I have to tell me how it ended last. He made them come twice, and then swallowed his load. Then she lifted her skirt, forhertube panties got soaked and pUlled top and pushed her on the couch, as he sucked her tits. He said that Martin must have been on something when he called her a cake, but in the future is not forhertube fucking run past me first, and after that. I added to the amount of sperm in the side, and after a brief pause, which led them to accept me. The next morning she was awakened by her from behind and asked, 'Guess Who' Interestingly, there are addicted to these things, but the odd bit here and forhertube it does not add a little joy to life .
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